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Muffin (02/2022), Male

Hello my name is Muffin and I was very lucky to be saved by a man who takes care of cats in Varkiza. I don’t remember how me and my siblings ended up in a harbor but thankfully someone rescued us. It was too late for one of my siblings as she had already passed away by the time the man got us but we all moved to a lovely home where people took care of us, kept us warm and kept our bellies satisfied! I am a very sweet and gentle kitten!


As most kittens, I am energetic and like to play with the other cats and kittens at the foster home! Bamboo is one of my favorite friends, we share a special bond! We also sleep together very often! I am very easy to handle and was very easy going since tiny baby. I am very good with medication as I am super easy to give medicine. I need human interaction and will seek for human attention a lot throughout the day.


I like to spend time cuddling with humans, getting pets and strokes or spend time playing!  I also love to sleep on the bed next to people! I don’t have a favorite toy, I am happy with what I can get to and don’t need a lot to be happy and fulfilled! I am the calmest and most relaxed compared to the other kittens at the foster home currently. I enjoy to spend time outdoors, on the terrace and will enjoy the fresh breeze and the sun!


I also like to sleep on a bed people have placed on the one side of their desk where they usually work. I am one of those kittens that get attached to humans and need quality time and love! I can’t wait to meet my forever people and see my new home!!


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