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Tank (12/2017), Male

Hello! My name is Tank. I am called this way for my size and odd body build. I was initially trapped for castration but upon examination, the vet raised concern about my general health. I had very bad teeth, eyes and ears. It looked like I had ruptured tympanic membrane. Also, I had a very uncomfortable condition called entropion, where my eyelids turned inward so that my eyelashes and skin were irritating my eyes.


I underwent a complex surgery and was put in LBS foster home in Varkiza to get better. I was so stressed and scared that I shut down at first and wouldn’t move at all during daytime not even to go to the toilet. I was more active at nights when I was eating. However, I soon realized that people in the foster home were helping me. Even though I didn’t like the medication, I soon started to feel much better and found enjoyment in head scratches.


After my condition drastically improved and I appeared more social, I was allowed to join other cats in the foster home. I felt like I was at home straight away. In the evening I would come out, sniff around, ask for some pets and of course meow for some food. I wasn’t fazed at all by other cats. Some were curiously sniffing me, others were cautiously hissing at me, probably they were intimidated by my size. But I didn’t want any trouble and walked away when there was some tension.


I still prefer to hide and sleep all day but when the night falls, I come out for my evening stroll around the foster home. I am a calm, gentle giant who is fortunate enough to be cared for and loved.

Tank was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in May 2023.

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Tank was sponsored by Jie L. (Germany)

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