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Caramel (02/2021), Male

Hello everyone, my name is Caramel andI appeared all of the sudden in front of the main entrance door of a building in Voula crying for human attention. I was continuously meowing to whoever was entering or leaving the building. Although my one eye was bleeding and I needed medical care, nobody bothered to do anything, everyone turned their eye the other way. Thankfully for me, a nice lady who was passing by saw me and didn’t think twice. She trapped me with the help of a friend and took me to her vet for the necessary treatments. Sadly I only have one eye and can see very little.

Although I have faced human abandonment and have been through difficulties and suffering I haven't lost my faith in people. I am a super sweet and friendly guy who will immediately come close to you seeking for attention and love. I am brave when meeting new people and adapt very quickly to new surroundings. The only thing I am not comfortable around is the hoover!! 

I am not only a cuddle bug who you will fall deeply in love with and will want to snuggle all day long but I am also a very happy and playful cat! I am full of joy and my attitude towards life will surprise you. I am an optimistic man, who is curious about the world and likes being around people. I am not comfortable around other cats at the moment and prefer to be alone and around humans. I am is not happy with either males or females.

I love playtime and the best toys in the world are string toys! I like to sleep in the drawers sometimes and enjoy living as an indoor cat, feeling safe and sound. Something I have totally missed out on while living on the streets is good food which has turned me into a cute little monster now! I am very food motivated and really enjoy having lots of tasty food available. 

I have fallen madly in love with a soft cat bed and love to spend some chilled moments during the day just laying there, making biscuits. I am a tender boy who absolutely loves cuddles and pets, will rub my whole body against you asking for attention and love to meow as well! Sometimes when I get the chance I will jump on your lap to ask for strokes. As most cats do, I love spending time up high either on a tall scratching post or a shelf. 

If you are seeking to adopt a kitty who will always be in the mood for cuddles and purrs a lot, then I am the perfect match for you! I will definitely brighten up your days with my happy and relaxed personality! 


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