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Earl Grey (04/2023), Male

Hello sweethearts! My name is Earl Grey and this is my story so far! I was a little stray kitty roaming around a neighborhood and didn’t have any survival instincts as nothing seemed to frighten me and cars didn’t seem scary or dangerous to me.

One day I decided to lay in the middle of the road, and a lady almost hit me with her car twice. I believe she got scared and understood I wouldn’t have such a great future if I continued to live on the streets so she decided to take me in and try to give me a safer life.

I am a very friendly and remarkable handsome kitten! I love people and was very social since the first day! I am not shy or timid and don’t get spooked by loud noises or any unexpected movements around me! I am still young, so I am very playful and everything I can get my paws at becomes a great toy that can keep me occupied and happy ! Toys you can trail for me to chase are my favourite! I easily get adapted to new surroundings and when meeting new people.

I love sleeping inside cat trees or up high on top of them so a good big scratching post is very much appreciated by me! I love all kinds of food and I am not picky at all! Anything you provide me will keep my belly satisfied. Cuddles, strokes and affection melt my heart and I absolutely love getting attention!


I adore being held and I love getting kisses. I am a very chilled cat, I am easy going and don’t mind being in a carrier or going to the vets etc. I have a loud breathing and humans are organizing some tests for me to determine if I have asthma or any other chest issue so I can be fully healthy to get adopted soon and conquer the world.  I am a true cute pie and a very charming boy so everyone falls in love with me! I am loving but also playful so you will never get bored around me.

I am looking for someone that can promise to be by my side so I can grow as part of a family, can that person be you? What do you say?


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Earl Grey is sponsored by Amalia (Greece)

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