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Granny (3/2020), Female

Hi my name is Granny! I turned up outside the shelter one day, I was in desperate need of help. I was skin and bone, emaciated and dehydrated. I had barely any fur and my skin was dry and cracked. I was in such a terrible condition the shelter manager immediately gave me food, water and took me straight to the vets. They did blood tests and found I have leishmaniosis which is a condition I will have for life.

In the beginning I needed intensive treatment, medicated baths, lots of medicine and fluids to help me get better. I stayed at the vets for a while before I was healthy enough to come to the shelter, even then I still needed weekly baths and medication. They named me Granny because I looked so old when they found me, but turns out I’m still young!

I am crazy like all boxers! I have sooo much energy and love to play all day every day! Toys are my favourite thing, I have toys that I’ll keep with me all the time ready for when someone plays with me. Squeaky balls are the best, I can play with them on my own and it’s still a lot of fun.

Nothing beats when humans play with me and give me attention though! I’ll always be so happy to see you, I’m still working on not jumping up at you, so you’ll need to bear with me and train me. I just get so excited I can’t contain myself!

I can be all paws too, when I’m overexcited I can’t control my legs so I will be all over you before you know it. But I will make it up to you with as many sloppy kisses as you want! I will kiss you all over and show you how much I love you with my drool.

I am a sweetheart really, when I’ve calmed down I love cuddles and belly rubs! Smushing on a big squishy bed is amazing, I want to spend all my time with humans. I love attention so much I would like to be the only dog in the home, but I can live with a chilled dog who has a lot of patience and will let me be the star of the show. Cats and any other small animals are a big no for me! I find them far too interesting and want to put them in my mouth!

I’m happy with children of any ages but as I’m very energetic they need to be able to handle my energy. I need long walks and lots of stimulation; I am high energy so an active home who will keep me entertained!

I will have leishmaniosis for life, so I need a home who can give me medication every day and take me for vet checks to make sure I’m still healthy. I have had a rough start to life and have made an incredible recovery, I just need a home to call my own! I have so much love to give, I need someone to give it to!

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Granny was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in September 2022.

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