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Baloo (08/2021), Female

Hello my name is Baloo and I am a lovely, young very sweet lady. I was very friendly towards people from the beginning and felt good being indoors. I was cuddly from the first day people took me in, I kept purring and enjoyed strokes and human touch. I had to be separated from the rest of the kitty family for a while until I recovered from the respiratory problem and my polyp removal operation but I have joined them and I am very happy about it. I spend more time on my own than interacting with the other kitties, but unless someone bothers me I am good around them. I am smaller in size compared to other cats the same age and that makes me even cuter.


I like to snuggle in and soft blankets are my favorite place to sleep on is the bed, I often go and sleep next to humans! Sometimes with sudden or quick moves I can get scared so I will need some time to adjust to new environments and people. I don’t move a lot, I am more laid back cat and explore only a little bit. At least for now I feel more comfortable spending time in one place. I sometimes fall down when I sit and I am more stable laying down.


When I need to walk though, I don’t struggle at all, I just lean to one side. I love attention and humans, I just need slow approach. I like wet food but I am not a huge fan I am happy to eat the dry food instead.

I am super sweet and won over everyone very quickly! People just want to cuddle with me and provide everything I need in order to be very happy!

Baloo was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in April 2023.

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