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Gato (06/2022), Male

Hello! My name is Gato, in Spanish, “cat” and I was very lucky to be rescued from the streets by a lovely lady named Olga in July 2022. I felt unhappy while living outside as I was alone, didn’t get enough food and suffered from fungus. Thankfully Olga took me in and was happy to bring me up to health! My first impression of humans was lovely and I was lucky to get the chance to sleep in cozy beds, feel what love means and live safely inside a house while enjoying warm and tasty food as well. Olga couldn’t keep me forever so I was moved to Let’s be S.M.A.R.T. foster home 23.9.2022 and that is the place where I made so many friends, it’s unbelievable!!!

I can be shy at first sight but when I get to know you, I will show you my true personality and that is attentive and very cuddly! I seek for attention when I feel safe and comfortable and that makes me a very sweet boy. I am very food driven, love wet food and enjoy tasty snacks as well! 

I really enjoy spending time on the terrace where I get the opportunity to sunbath and feel the fresh air towards my body! It’s difficult for someone to get me to come back inside when I am outdoors because I like it so much!

Since being young, I am very playful and active! I am also naughty in a nice way though! If any mischief is happening in the house, I am normally involved in it! I don’t have any preference for specific toys yet and get to play and enjoy a variety of them as they have too many available for us where I live! I can get scared if someone approaches me very suddenly and around loud noises but when the surroundings are calm, I blossom!

I am a curious young guy and that is what helps me feel more comfortable to let my guards down and explore the house, make new furry friends and feel comfortable enough to seek for strokes and kisses when I am in the mood! Just one more thing to know about me. In November 2022, I managed to badly injure my left eye. Thanks to intensive care and several surgeries, my eye was saved, but my vision in that eye is only partial.  However, it doesn´t bother me at all in doing my adventures and mischiefs.

I am very pretty as you can see, all black with two very cute round eyes, though one bit foggy! I look forward to meet my forever person so if you read this and consider adopting me, please do send in an application form! I promise you will not regret it!

Gato was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in March 2023.

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