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Mike (03/2024), Male

Open your heart to me and make me part of your family!! My name is Mike and I am a loving friendly young guy!


Me and my siblings were born by a stray mother somewhere in Agia Paraskevi. The paddock is bordered by a road with heavy traffic and unfortunately when we started walking, our fourth sibling was hit by a car and didn’t make it. A student from Santorini alone in Athens, tried to protect and take care of us in his apartment but in two days he was leaving for Erasmus so he looked for someone to take over after him. We stayed with a lovely lady for a while who took care of all our tests and exams and brought us to LBS act sanctuary to give us a better chance to finding our loving permanent homes!


I am super cute, handsome and if you look into my eyes you will see I wear eyeliner around my eyes. I am still adjusting to the shelter life and can be shy when I meet new people but if you give me a few days I will totally adapt and start blooming! Up until now I don’t like loud noises and unexpected movements around me and feel a bit uncomfortable. Playtime is something I adore and seek in my day to day life. I don’t mind playing on my own, especially if I have some string toys but I also enjoy playing with other friends! Like my siblings, I also like to lay by the window and relax watching the birds and the nature.

I am super attached to my siblings as we have been together from the moment we were born so I love them to the moon and back.I enjoy affection and start to understand how nice, warm and reassuring the human touch can be.

I love tasty food and high levels to spend my days! I need very little in life to be happy and if you open your heart to me I will love you forever.

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