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Mojito (10/2021), Male

Hi, I’m Mojito! I was found by a member of the team, she was driving home from work and spotted me on the side of the road. She stopped and noticed I was struggling to breathe and couldn’t walk properly. She didn’t have a carrier with her, but she rapped me up in her jumper and rushed me to the emergency vets. After X-rays they saw I had a diaphragmatic hernia, so all my organs were in my chest crushing my lungs, and one of my legs was snapped in half. The vets didn’t think I would survive the night, but I did! I had surgery to fix my diaphragm and when I was strong enough I had surgery to put pins in my leg. After a long recovery and many re-examinations the vets removed the last pins from my leg in September 2022. I am all healed now and ready to get adopted.

I am one of the sweetest, most affectionate cats you will ever meet. All I want to do is be on your lap having head scratches. Even though I’ve been through a lot and started my life living on the streets, I am so friendly with everyone I meet.

I am gentle and kind, my soul is pure and I only want to give you love. I am so thankful to have been rescued, no one stopped for me and the only lady that did saved my life and has given me a second chance to find happiness. I am a very energetic boy, full of happiness now that I have healed and very loving towards everyone. I am a good climber who loves to hop around even though I had a leg operation. I am very smart and love to play with my toys. I am also very talkative and will introduce you to a cat language very quickly with my 3 different meows. One to let you know I am hungry, another to invite for play dates and the last when I am tired and want cuddles to fall asleep. I like to spy through the window and observe the world. I am an independent young man but also enjoys making friends. 

I would love to find my forever home and I can’t wait to meet my forever family!


Mojito was adopted to the U.S. and he travelled to his forever home in October 2022.

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