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Moira (12/2020)

My name is Moira, but you can call me Mira for short! I was found living in the garden of an apartment block in Athens, I had made a friend who was looking after me as I was very young and all by myself. A kind lady took me in and gave me a safe place to grow up. She couldn’t look after me forever so I came to LBS to find my forever family.

I have soooo much energy! I’m a crazy kitten, I could play all day every day forever and ever. When humans play with me its super fun, we can chase things together and they have some really cool toys too. I am also great at keeping myself occupied, if no one wants to play, no problem! There’s so many things to play with, I love to chase balls and little mice. When I’m tired out from playing I love a smush. I will push my head into your hands and ask for some of the biggest cuddles you will ever give.

I love a cuddle with my best friend Aria too, she plays with me which is so fun we wrestle and have the best time together! When we’re tired I tuck into her and have a nap. She also grooms me which I love! She’s such a good friend. I’m an active little lady so I would love a family who can play with me a lot, I’m still young so have some growing to do! I like to explore, but I need a couple of days to gain the confidence to go into full investigation mode!


Moira was adopted abroad and in June 2021 she travelled to her forever home.

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