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Sunti (07/2020)

Sunti and his sister Sasha were rescued from an illegal breeder. They were living in awful, dirty conditions along with 17 other animals. A team rescued all animals, sadly their mother was found dead in the cage with them. They were all ill, traumatised and needed treatment before coming to our shelter.

Sunti is a playful and funny little man! He will charm you with his good looks and you will fall instantly in love!  He has the softest fur, which he loves to groom and loves to be groomed by his favourite humans. Sunti is very sweet and loves a cuddle, he will flop in your lap and purr the night away. After a rough start in life he needs a little time to get to know you and a new environment, but when he does he will open up and show you his handsome personality.

Sunti was adopted to the U.S. and in March 2021 he travelled to his forever home. 

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