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Latte (08/2021), Female

Hi my name is Latte, I was living on the streets with my siblings, we were only kittens and struggling to survive. We were being fed but LBS decided they wanted to take us off the streets to keep us safe from harm. It was very scary in the beginning, we were’t used to being around humans but we are making amazing progress!

Beauty should be my name, I have unique markings and a very cute face! As soon as you see me you will fall in love, it’s inevitable! I like to make you work for my affection though, I can be reserved when I first meet you and need time to realise you want me for my personality as well as my looks.

I love to play! With new toys especially, I am super curious and love to investigate the new things and make sure I play with the most fun one before my siblings do.  I like head scratches and tickles, I am still gaining confidence but I’ve realized humans are amazing and they give good cuddles. I love to sleep in bed with you and wake up to smushes. A big soft duvet and my favourite human is all I want! Watching TV is mesmerizing too! They put birds on the TV here and sometimes I forget it’s not real and try and chase them, it’s so much fun. Keeps me entertained for hours!

I do like to have my own space to feel safe though, when I am getting used to a new environment I like to sit up high. It makes me feel secure. Like any sassy, independent young woman I do things on my own terms! So when you have earnt my love you’ll feel like a superstar!


Latte was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in November 2022. 

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