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Lazaros (04/2021), Male

Hello my name is Lazaros! I was found as a tiny tiny kitten, I nearly didn’t make it. I had so many fleas I was anemic and barely had any blood left in my body. The vets took great care of me and I am growing up to be big and strong!

I’m a crazy little boy! I have a ridiculous amount of energy, so much I can launch myself at my kitten friends all day every day. We play wrestle and I can jump on them from the other side of the room! I could play all day every day, it really is the best. I love to climb things and be up high, especially if there is a really soft bed up there to sit on. I go crazy for my food, I get super excited and run around if I can smell it. It tastes so good! I have the biggest eyes to peer into your soul with, one look and you’ll be in love. I have such a big personality for a little guy, and so much confidence! I’m not afraid of anything or anyone (okay only the vacuum cleaner but don’t tell anyone!)

I love cuddles, sitting on laps, or shoulders, or anywhere on a human is so nice. I need love and affection. Getting as close to your face as possible is  my specialty, I might give it a kiss or a little nibble too if you’re lucky. I’m only a little baby so I need time to grow up and become big and strong!

Lazaros was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in November 2021. 

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