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Winter (05/2020)

She was found in Varkiza behind a supermarket in a bad condition. One of our team members found her when a man that lives in neighborhood asked for help. He saw little Winter that day for the first time (he is also feeding the cats around the area) and understood that Winter didn’t look healthy. Winter was lethargic, without movement and scared. She refused to eat just drunk a little bit of water. We took her immediately to the vet clinic on 11.9.2020 where she stayed until 28.9.2020. The vets put her on iv fluids and did a few tests. They didn’t think she would survive but Winter was a fighter. Day by day she gained strength and on the 28.9.2020 we brought her to the foster home! She still needs some time to adjust to everything!

She is friendly and easy going kitten. She likes to be petted but she is still a bit scared. She likes to spend time just lying on the high parts of our scratching posts. She now starts to play and likes small mice toys. She doesn’t like loud noises and fast movements. She is in general still shy.

Winter was adopted abroad and in November 2020 she travelled to her forever home. 

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