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Bali (05/2021), Male 

Hi my name is Bali! I was found living on the streets in the local town, I was a tiny baby and I was really snotty and ill. My siblings and I were struggling to survive, so LBS scooped us up and took us to safety.

I’m a very relaxed boy, I am soo chilled out relaxing is my favourite thing to do! You’ll always find me napping in a warm corner, on the softest blanket I can find. I need my sleep so I can grow up to be a big strong boy! Cuddling is great too, I’m super affectionate and love to have kisses and cuddles all day long. If you want to take a nap with me that’s the best! Snuggly should be my middle name, everything about me is snuggly. I have super soft fur, my face is squishy and I’m just a teddy bear!

Playing is great! I’m really good at keeping myself entertained, and whilst I do like to play with other cats, I also have a really fun time playing by myself too. I’m still young so I need a lot of playtime, I’m not fussy I’ll play with anything!

I have a lot of love to give and will love and cherish my new parents!

Bali was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in November 2021. 

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