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Juno (06/2023), Female  

A group of friends were about to get on a bus to Deree University in Athens when they spotted me all alone on the streets.  I understood from the way they looked at me that they were very friendly so I immediately went right up to them purring and looking for love. I was emaciated and malnourished... Living on the streets is very difficult and I would probably not survive for long if it wasn’t for them. I needed help and they so kindly offered it. They wrapped me in a beach towel and took me along for the hour long bus ride home. I slept peacefully the whole way. They couldn’t keep me but wanted to offer me the best foster home possible until I find my new parents so I came to the LBS cat shelter.

I am a young, loving girl ready to conquer the world! I can be a bit shy and cautious when I meet new kitties and need a little time to adapt and feel comfortable. I am super affectionate and friendly towards people though and even though I haven’t been around humans for a long time it feels amazing being next to them. I am very lucky and live a luxurious life, fresh water, lots and lots of healthy food, fluffy beds to snuggle and make biscuits and pets whenever I want!! If this isn’t the perfect life, what is?

I am calm and don’t easily get spooked but the vacuum is not my favorite item in the world, at least for now! I could talk to you about my sweetness for hours but you should also know how playful and happy  I am! I love to play with everything in my way and I am energetic and active as most kittens! 

I like being an indoor cat and everything in the house at the moment is worth exploring to me. I enjoy examining every corner and room of the house as I find everything to be super interesting. I adore wet food and appreciate a good snack!

Regarding cuddles and affection,  my caregivers say I am one of the most loving creatures they have ever met. I absolutely adore strokes and really like head scratches. I love spending time cuddling with people, enjoy socializing and make soft purring sounds.

High levels are a must and I loves to relax laying on a big scratching post and laze around everywhere in the house. I am a sweet lady with an adorable face, a tiny nose, a big mouth and a few cute whiskers under its nose.

Before wrapping up my story and personality I have to tell you that I am also highly intelligent, the nicest furry baby and ready to form everlasting bonds with my forever human! Are you my new forever friend?

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