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Voki (07/2020)

Hello! I’m Voki and I love people! I was found by the LBS volunteers, just down the road from the shelter. I was meowing sooo loud they could hear me miles away, they think I was shouting for food but I just wanted attention! I was so friendly and they don’t know where I came from so I was scooped up and taken to safety. I’m a super friendly and loving young lady! Humans are so cool, they give me so much love and attention I really love it! I love to talk, I will tell you when I want love and how much I want it.


I can’t believe how lucky I am to have so many soft things to sleep on! I can’t make up my mind where I want to sleep, everywhere is so cosy. Soft blankets and big squishy beds are the best! I love affection, I will always find your lap and purr a lot for cuddles. I’m discovering toys too and they are so much fun! I love to chase balls, especially if they make a noise. If a human has a feather stick we can spend hours playing together.


Food is amazing too, especially the fancy wet stuff! It tastes so good I can be a little greedy. I would love someone to give all my love to, I’m such a sweet little lady I just need the perfect home! Could it be you?

Voki was adopted abroad and in June he travelled to his forever home. 

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