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Prince (05/2020)

Prince was brought on 8th of August 2020 to the vet clinic in Voula by some lady who found him on the street, but we don´t know much more about him or where he came from. After contacting our shelter, the lady left Prince at the clinic. He was checked by the veterinarian, he was given internal and external anti-parasite treatment and he was tested for FIV, FeLV and FIP (for all he was negative). He was picked up by one of our team members and brought to our SMART foster home where he is currently residing.

Prince is a very happy little boy, social and extremely curious. He loves to play, either with cats, humans or on his own. He is very friendly, easy going kitten, he likes to be cuddled, stroked, even lifted and carried around. He doesn´t like loud sounds and if he is scared, he likes to hide. But when he feels safe again, he just comes back from whenever he hides. He loves soft food and makes all puppy eyes on you while waiting for it. He is very active and likes to assists with whatever you do. He is quite talkative and attentive, he´ll just sit with you and observe what you do or read a book or watch a TV with you. 

Prince was adopted abroad and in November 2020 he travelled to his forever home.

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