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Namib (04/2021), Female

Hi there, my name is Namib and I am one of the five Desert kittens that were thrown away by some stranger in the middle of a busy street in Varkiza. My mum´s name is Sahara so I and my siblings got these cool desert names as well.


When we were taken away from our mum, we were really scared and tried to hide inside the tires of parked cars. We got separated, and two of my sisters got lost for few hours. One kind lady who feeds stray cats nearby spotted us and immediately called Let´s Be S.M.A.R.T. team.  Later that day, we were reunited with our lost siblings and even with our mum, who was found while she was crying and trying to find us. So we are all good and safe now in the foster home, away from people who tried to hurt us.


When I was found, I could barely see, my eyes were completely closed and full of puss. However, after careful treatment, they opened again and I could see the beautiful world that I love to observe so much.


I am very cute and sweet little kitten, in fact I am the smallest one of all my siblings. I was very shy at the beginning after my family was rescued, I just couldn´t trust humans, but now, I am quite the opposite. Having experienced good treatment by people, I gained some confidence and even like to climb into their arms to be lifted and cuddled.


I am a big adventurer. I am extremely curious and I love to wonder off on my own to discover the world whenever I have the opportunity. It is quite funny to watch humans crawling on their four trying to catch me. I am a fantastic climber and together with my sister Gobi with whom I am quite close, we are like an artistic circus duo. Cat trees and scratching posts are best for this. I also love to play with toys, of course, but playing and romping with my siblings is just the best.


After all this rollick, I love to take a good nap. I really like soft pillows, beds and blankets. I often sleep on my back in quite strange positions, well, at least I was told so.


I am very lovely kitten and I am sure I will grow up into a beautiful lady. I am looking for a nice home where I will have somebody to play with and who will love me unconditionally.

Namib and her sibling Gobi were adopted abroad and they travelled to their forever home in September 2021. 

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