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Toby (04/2021), Male

Hi I’m Toby! I was found all alone inside an abandoned building. I was crying so loudly someone heard me from a long way away and came to find me. I’m so happy they did! I was a little skinny and afraid, but I’ve got some good food and love so I’m a healthy boy now!  


I’m the best singer in all of LBS. I can sing so loud and so much, you’ll never want me to stop! If I’m hungry, I’ll tell you. If I want cuddles, I will definitely tell you. If I want anything, you will know! I promise it’s a cute meow though, you’ll want to join in and we can sing together! I’m a very sweet young man, I love cuddles! I was a little shy at first, but I’m gaining so much confidence and now I can’t get enough! I love to watch out the window at the birds, sometimes I’ll even chirp at them. Playtime is great too, my friends and I have a good time playing but at the moment I prefer playing with humans. I’m super gentle and I need a kitty friend to play gently with me. Humans just want to give me love and I am all about the love!

I’m still very young, so have a lot of growing up to do! I really hope I grow into my ears.


Toby was abroad and he travelled to his forever home in January 2022. 

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