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Ellie (05/2020)

Ellie was first seen on 9.7.2020 on the roof of an abandoned house. She was running across the perimeter peering down and was stuck. It was 3 days before a team of people were able to get her down to safe. Food was thrown from an adjacent balcony as well as water from a hose. She was very skinny with a belly full of parasites, very scared and timid. After being treated and slowly feeling better she came our of her shell. She then came to our shelter to continue her recovery and grow.

Elli is a very cheeky and playful little girl that loves to hide and explore her surroundings. She is very clever and has learnt when its dinner time! She loves humans and will snuggle up at any available moment. Ellie is super sweet and loves to feel safe within someone’s arms.

Ellie got adopted abroad (in September 2020) right away from our original social media post before we managed to even list her on our adoption page. Lucky girl!

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