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Sprout (08/2021), Female

Hello I’m Sprout! I was found by a friend of the vet, I turned up as a stray in her garden. I was tiny, skinny and had a really bad flu. She took me to the vets, and they asked if I could go to the shelter so I could grow up big and strong.

I am a sweet little lady. I may be a kitten but I love to sleep! I will find the softest blanket in the house and curl up for the nap of a lifetime. I am the cutest sleeper you will ever see, I look so peaceful and simply adorable. When I’m not sleeping I love cuddles! I am a gentle lady and love humans a lot. They are so nice to me, always giving me cuddles and telling me how cute I am. I am just so happy to be warm and have comfort around me after growing up on the streets.

I do like to play too, I get in really silly moods and chase everything and anything! The faster it moves the more fun it is to catch. Speed is my middle name! Playing with other cats is super fun too, they know how to wrestle with me and have the zoomies together. So I would like a home with other cats.

I love to be held, the closer to you I am the better it is. I’m still a baby so I need lots of comfort and attention. A home to help me grow up big and strong! Everyone who meets me falls in love, I am so lucky to be surrounded by love, but all I really want is a home of my own.


Sprout was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in December 2021.

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