Our Sanctuary

Our sanctuary has been saving animals in Greece since 2011 and it is situated in the Attika region.


We have given our cats a large spacious house just for themselves with outdoor netted space, cat trees, toys, lots of room upstairs and downstairs, a kitty litter room and lots and lots of love.


Our special and adorable kitties will live well in the sanctuary until they can find their permanent home with someone loving.


Each one of our babies are very friendly and well behaved. They have been medically cared for and brought to health, and they are seen regularly by our local vet that visits on site. Each cat has his/her own medical record book and is microchipped. The cats are clean, sterilized and well socialized and are ready to integrate easily into a private home. They are used to living only indoors.


Contact us for further details at +30 69 420 31 950.

Photos courtesy of Custom Cat Creations & our volunteer, photographer/artist Renée Ricciardi 

Take a tour of our sanctuary!

Meet our sanctuary manager Ellie who will give you a tour of the house! 🏠🐾

You will meet also some of our shelter kitties and Ellie will tell you about a new way to meet our cats through a video chat 🐈