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Gobi (04/2021) Female

Hello, my name is Gobi. I got my name after a big desert Gobi and I really like it. My mum´s name is Sahara and my rescuer thought it might be nice to call me and my siblings after the greatest deserts of the world.


My siblings and I were thrown away by some stranger in the middle of a busy street in Varkiza. I and my sister Thar were separated from the rest of our siblings and hid in the bushes nearby. Luckily, Let´s Be S.M.A.R.T. team found us after few hours and before we got lost completely. They reunited us with our whole family including our mum and now we are all living in the foster home. 


I have to admit, I was really scared and shy, since my experience with humans wasn´t very nice in the past. But people who found me and gave me my family back were nice, I was safe and had my belly full, so I thought that I give them another chance. I am not so scared anymore, humans can lift me and stroke me and I don´t cry or hiss anymore.


I loooove to play, I am fine on my own with some little rattling mice and balls, but I love to play the whole day with my sibling. I like to discover new things and climbing like a little monkey is just what I do best.


When I am exhausted, I just fall asleep wherever I am. I like to sleep on my back, sometimes others laugh at me that I am silly. I don´t mind at all, I know that they mean well and they love me.


I am a happy little kitten now, but I wish I can find my forever home, where I will be loved by the whole family.

Gobi and her sibling Namib were adopted abroad and they travelled to their forever home in September 2021.

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