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Lentil (09/2020)

Lentil was found with her two sisters by a friend of the shelter. Her neighbour was trying to drown them, they were only two weeks old. Luckily she heard their cries and saved them. She called us and brought them straight to the shelter, when they arrived they were wet and cold. It was touch and go the first new days, they needed feeding every three hours and they struggled to take the bottle. With a lot of love and attention they gradually got stronger and are now growing into very healthy babies!

Lentil is so full of love and energy! She is a little sweetheart and will do anything to be as close to you as possible, her favorite nap spot is in your neck. She has crazy kitten energy and loves to play with anything that moves! Her sister Bean is her favourite play mate and they will run around chasing ping pong balls and toy mice until they get tired. Lentil is a snuggly lady and when she comes to sit on your lap or her nap, she will purr so loud! She also loves to climb you from foot to head and end up sitting on your shoulder. She is a special little lady who deserves a special home.

Lentil was adopted abroad and in April 2021 she travelled to her forever home.

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