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Tina (04/2023), Female

Hey sweet world I am Tina and this is the story of my life so far!! I was wondering in the streets of Larisis station all alone and was fortunately rescued by a kind man! I am grateful to be found in time because due to the hectic traffic I know I wouldn’t have any future. I had a small fracture in my little toe and was limping. Another rescuer stepped in from there and took over to treat and vaccinate me! After a few tests and vaccines, I became a member of LBS family and I am looking for my forever home!


I am an adorable sweet kitten who is very friendly towards people!! I love human affection and purr a lot to show it!! I adore cuddles but like most kittens I also have high levels of energy and adore playtime. I enjoy playing with other fellows but I am playing happily on my own as well jumping around and chasing toys!

I adapted very quickly to being indoors and around humans and cats but can sometimes feel a big insecure around older cats. I easily make friends and will be happy in any kind of household. My favorite place to lay and spend time during the day is in the bathroom on the sink!! Bathrooms cabinets are very interesting so far and I climb on them all the time to sniff and explore! The truth is that the mirror behind is the main reason, I am a pretty, young girl and like to admire myself a bit too much sometimes!!

I like tasty food and snacks! I am also very vocal and seek for attention as soon as you enter the room I am currently staying at! A good scratching post is also very appreciated and make me cozy as I like to sleep in the basket of a big cat tree! I like spending time outside on the netted balconies but sitting on humans lap or laying on a human’s shoulder is far more comfortable for me.


I am a very special cat and I need an understanding family that respects that I'm not a toy and like a lot, my alone time. On my own timetable, I will give you freely the sweetness and love I have in me. Please consider adopting me! You won’t regret it, I promise you!

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