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Carley (03/2018)

Carley came from the island of Santorini. A lady was staying there on holiday and Carley would turn up every evening for food. She started off as scared and hesitant, but after a few days of feeding she got more confident and would sleep on their balcony. She started getting attacked by larger cats when she was eating and would run away, but always came back later. The lady contacted rescue’s in Greece and she was able to trap Carley and take her to the vets. She then travelled from Santorini to Athens and Carley came into our care.

Carley is a very sweet and gentle lady. She is petite and loves a cuddle. She will meow for your attention as you walk in the door and will push herself into your hands for cuddles. She is curious when she is settled and is looking for a lot of love. Carley will make any house feel like a home and is the perfect little companion!

Carly was adopted abroad and in February 2021 she travelled to her forever home.

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