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Fifi (06/2020)

One day the founder and shelter manager were shopping in Leroy Merlin, when they were in the garden area they heard a meow. At first they thought it might have been a chair squeaking or the noise from one of the many machines, but then Ellie looked down and saw a little kitten underneath a chair. They then started the rescue operation, they tempted the little one out with some food, after a while and a little struggle she was safe inside a carrier. Fifi was taken straight to the shelter for her worming and flea treatment. The staff at Leroy Merlin think she was abandoned there.

Fifi is a sweet little lady, she is full of character and will keep you entertained for hours. She loves to talk to you through her meows, she has a different meow for every occasion! But the loudest meow is for cuddles, she loves a scratch behind her ears. Fifi loves to be as close to you as possible, it makes her feel safe. She loves to be held against your chest and stroked until she falls asleep. Ping pong balls and pompoms are her favourite thing to play with, she could chase them for hours! After being so scared, abandoned alone as a baby she needs a lot of love to make her feel safe.

Our little Fifi was adopted abroad and in October she travelled to her forever home.

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