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Buddy (2012), Male

Hi my name is Buddy! I am a big friendly boy! I was living with my owners for 10 years, LBS offered to take me temporarily so I could have more space to run. Over time my owners realised I need more space than they can give me and agreed for me to find a retirement home.

I am a gentle giant who wants so much love! I love people a lot, I always want to cuddle or play, or just be around you. I am a big boy so I need space to lay down and relax. I’m getting older now so my joints are getting a little stiff, ramps help me as I can’t jump too much anymore. I love to sleep too, a big soft squishy bed is all I need!

Belly rubs are sooooo good I wish they would never stop! I am also very food motivated and will do anything for a tasty treat! 

I can get a little possessive, I like my own toys and my own things, I’m not very good at sharing. I don’t like cats at all, and I would rather be the only dog too.

Attention is just to be on me please! I like exploring too, beaches are lovely, I’m not sure about swimming but I love a beach walk. I’m a very good boy at driving in cars, I like to look out the window but if it’s a long journey I’ll take a nap! I have long hair which needs brushing too, I like to be a pampered pooch and grooming feels great! I’m not such a big fan of a bath but I am still a very good boy!

I need experienced owners who would like to give me the retirement home I deserve.

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