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Jonathan (02/2019), Male

Hello everyone my name is Jonathan and I am a very easy going boy! My past life is mystery to humans as I just appeared at the front door of the foster home in Varkiza on the 31 of January. My size is big and I can look a bit intimating but I reassure you I am a very sweet and gentle cat. Humans could easily give me medication and eye drops since the first day they took me in. I am friendly in general towards other cats but I definitely prefer female cats!

I tested positive for FIV so its best I get adopted to a house with another FIV positive cat or female cat so I can make friends instead of enemies.

I am amazing with kittens though and love to play with them. I don’t play with humans a lot and will always prefer to play with the rest of the cats. Even though I like playing don’t get me wrong I don’t run.. Oh well..maybe one day! I prefer spending most of my day laying around, taking it easy and enjoying the good life! I enjoy cuddles and will bang my head towards you to ask for attention. I like cuddles and love a good pet, especially in my lower back, if you scratch fast enough I will open and close my mouth while rolling my eyes as well to show you how much I enjoy it! It’s very cute!

Sometimes I can get a bit scared when someone will approach me in a sudden way but once you talk to me in calm tone I settle down. I also enjoy spending time outdoors, on the terrace feeling the wind in my fur and I love to sunbathe. I am well behaved and even though my size is big I am a teddy bear in heart!

I am a relaxed and easy going cat in general, quiet and spend most of my day laying somewhere and observing. I love all food, I’m not fussy!I would love to get adopted soon, get the chance to travel to a new country and meet my forever people!

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