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Apollo (05/2023), Male

Hello everyone I was found and rescued by a kind tourist who would initially adopt me but due to my young age I couldn’t travel with them when they left Greece to go back home to Paris end of June. I was moved to LBS cat shelter and would travel when my age would be appropriate but unfortunately the plan changed and I am now available for adoption! 

I am amazing towards other kittens and I am super friendly to people as well! I love to climb on humans shoulders and seek for affection and attention when I need some extra love. I am also vocal and like to communicate. I don’t get scared or timid by louse noises but I can be a bit wary of the hoover when it’s cleaning time! I adjusted super-fast to the new environment at the shelter after being found and I am confident to roam around and explore since the first day. 

I am just at the beginning of my life and have a lot of growing to do! I love to play around and my favorite activities are to either play with human hair or with other kitties’ tales! These two are very interesting and although I might enjoy playing on my own from time to time I prefer to have other fellows around me to play with them. 

I like to sleep up high on cat trees and enjoy looking out the window! I have already chosen Holly as my best friend and I am getting more and more attached to her every day. We love to lay in the bed or in the egg chair and snuggle! I am very cuddly towards people as well and enjoy all the love I can get from the team and volunteers at the sanctuary. Any kind of attention make him happy but head and chin scratches and belly rubs make my heart melt!

I will run towards you as soon as you enter the room, will climb up your back, make myself comfortable on your shoulders and rub myself under your chin. How cuter can I be? 

My personality includes everything and I am as cheerful and happy as you can imagine. I need to be as close to people as possible and will happily sit on your shoulder like a lil parrot while you do other work such as cleaning! I would love to find a perfect new family who will be able to adopt me while being a kitten so I can grow along them! I am a kitty who just needs love and will blossom under any household. 

As mentioned above Holly is my best friend so getting adopted together would be perfect for us!

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Apollo was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in October 2023.

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