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Hector (06/2021), Male

Hi my name is Hector! I was found on a country road crying over my dead mum, she had been hit by a car. A very kind lady found me and took me to safety. I am so glad she did! I’m a sweet and gentle kitten!

Like all kittens I loovvee to play, all the time! Anything that moves I’ll chase it, if I have a kitty friend I will also chase them! It’s really fun to play wrestle with other kitties, I think I am big and strong and can take anyone on. I am a very well behaved boy too, I never bite or scratch, I only play super gently! I love all humans, I am a very socialable and very friendly to everyone. I like other cats so ideally I would like to have a kitty friend to live with.


Like all kittens I need extra love and care so I grow up to be big and strong! I need an indoor only home or access to a catio or enclosed garden.

Hector was adopted locally in January 2021.

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