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Garfield (11/2020), Male

I was living in the backyard of a house along with other kitties. We were all taken care of by a lovely couple who fed us on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the couple had to move away and couldn’t not take us with them. That’s ok though! Because that is how my met everyone at LBS shelter!


I am a very handsome boy with beautiful ginger coloring. I am more on the shy side and need time to adapt to new people, other cats and new environments but once I feel comfortable I will show you how friendly I am. I have been at the cat sanctuaries for months but have chosen to spend most of my time on the netted balconies. I like feeling the fresh breeze on my golden fur and feel the warmth of the sun. I have made quite some friends and we all get together on the balcony in the evenings to enjoy each other’s company. 

I am a sweet boy who just need to feel safe and loved. Once I feel comfortable I get very cuddly and vocal. I will need time to sniff and check everything out when I meets new people and really appreciates if I can do that on my own pace. Having a spot where I can hide from everyone when I feel like it’s needed, boosts my confidence and living in a calm and easygoing environment is what I need the most so I can thrive.

Like most cats, I enjoy hanging on higher places such as the top shelves on the balcony areas. I like playtime and adore stick toys! Spending time with my good old buddies is an absolute must, Felix, Poppy and Mercury are my best friends. Just saaaying, don’t rush to judge! 


I am very food motivated but don’t mind what type of food you give me. I am pleased and happy with everything. I know I would bloom in a calm environment living as an only cat or with a friend of mine and will surprise you with how cuddly I become once I get to know you a bit. I adores stroke, pets all over my body are perfect and I don’t mind being carried either! 


I have a unique personality and will also make you laugh sometimes while cuddling me, I might seem like I no longer enjoy it and will turn to leave …. But if you do leave my side I will follow you everywhere and meow for more affection and attention. Lastly I will tell you that I am a big bundle of love! With no means, don’t think I am overweight.. I am just huge.. and you know what that means right? No? Hmm let me tell you then.. I am the perfect kitty to cuddle and hug all day long. 

I would love to find a home where I feel comfortable 24/7 and can thrive! Maybe I am your destiny? What do you say? 

Garfield was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in December 2023.

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