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Marty (4/2022), Male

Hey there guys! I am Marty! I was found running and jumping on one of the busy streets following every human I could spot, I didn´t really care if I have to cross the road. One of the LBS team member observed me from the distance, but when my erratic behaviour got her worried that I might be run over by a car, she decided to help me and took me to the safety. Now I reside all happy and protected at Let´s Be S.M.A.R.T. Foster Home.


It appears I was lost from my mum and couldn´t find my way home. I was given the name Marty after the zebra from animated movie Madagascar, who also wanted to discover world and got himself into trouble and got lost.


I looooove humans and children, all I want is to play with them, to chew on their hands and toys and cuddle as well, any attention is welcomed! I am suuuuuper active and curious kitty, and when energy hits me, all I want is to climb and jump and romp all around. However, when I am tired, I just curl up somewhere quietly, have a power nap so I am ready for new adventures and games again.


If you are looking for a handsome boy with mesmerizing eyes, who is quite active, talkative and playful, that you will never be bored with, here I am, at LBS Foster Home, waiting for you. We can have so much fun together to discover everything and eventually even the whole world. I definitely have enough energy for that.  

Marty was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in January 2023. 

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