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Bohdi (05/2021), Male

Hey my name is Bodhi! I was living on the streets surving barely and scared and alone. I was being fed by a kind lady, and she realised that I was sweet and scared. Then she decided to take me in and help me, I am so thankful she did.  

I’m a little cutie! You might think I am shy, but in reality I am just an introvert! And like all introverts, I love looking at the world from afar and pondering philosophical questions. However, as soon as you take an interest in me, I love to be petted, especially when it comes to scratching my lower back! I am a very peaceful and friendly cat, the perfect companion for a calm everyday life! Since I can be a bit shy in a new environment, I need cat friends to show me that its fine and people are good!

Playing with them is also super fun, I love to chase them and pounce on them when they least expect it! We can have so much fun together, chasing toy mice and climbing all the way to the top of the scratching post. I have a lot of energy, I am a crazy teenager so I need to play a lot. Chasing things, feather sticks and balls are great fun. If it makes a noise even better!

I love to be up high and find little cosy corners to sleep in. A soft blanket also is great for making biscuits. As I’m a little shy loud noises can make me jump and I get a little scared, so a calm home would be ideal. Small humans I don’t understand as they make a lot of noise but bigger humans are really cool.

I love food! Human food can be really interesting sometimes so watch out! But it’s the best way to make friends with me, as I’m super clever and will be so cuddly if there’s some tasty food around! Treats are the way to my heart, have something special for me and I will be your best friend! Once I know you I will love you forever! I give the best head boops, If I’m on the same level as you I’ll run over and smush my face all over yours. I will give you so so much love if you’ll let me.

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