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Sully (03/2024), Male

My name is Sully and I am a very friendly and tender kitty! Me and my siblings were born by a stray mother somewhere in Agia Paraskevi. The paddock is bordered by a road with heavy traffic and unfortunately when we started walking, our fourth sibling was hit by a car and didn’t make it. A student from Santorini alone in Athens, tried to protect and take care of us in his apartment but in two days he was leaving for Erasmus so he looked for someone to take over after him. We stayed with a lovely lady for a while who took care of all our tests and exams and brought us to LBS act sanctuary to give us a better chance to finding our loving permanent homes!


I really like being around cats and people and quickly feel comfortable. I adapt fast and feel confident enough to explore around and make myself feel at home! As a typical kitten I am full of energy, I am happy and joyful and enjoy running around, chasing different kinds of things and climb up high. I do enjoy playtime whether it’s solo or with some of my good friends. 

So far from all the other kitty residents I have chosen Lily to be my favorite companion and I am often seen hanging next to her. Sitting by the window looking outside is very fun and tasty food is something I really appreciate as well!


I am a beautiful boy, leader of the pack and know how to rule this world! If you are looking for a cuddly and affectionate young man, then I am your ultimate match! I adore pets and strokes and like to crawl in your lap!

Adopting a young boy like me, means you will have a true and forever loving furry friend. 

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