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Tzatziki (05/2020), Female

Hello I’m Tzatziki! Two volunteers from LBS were helping on the island of Corfu at a dog shelter. One day they saw the dogs trying to attack me, I was so small and weak! I am so lucky they took me in and tried to nurse me back to health.

I’m a little weirdo! Human food is the best, fruits and veggies are my favourite. Bananas, avocado, I am a health nut so I gotta be healthy. I love to scratch in the litter tray and keep everyone awake too, I think it is hilarious and also so much fun! I’ve had so many surgeries to repair my cleft palate, so my humans are used to me sneezing out my food now. I think I’m a princess as they are always clearing up after me. I only drink water from cups too, and it has to be fresh! I’m a little sassy too, if you do something I don’t like I will definitely let you know! I need a special human to adopt me who knows how strange I am!

Tzatziki was adopted abroad and she travelled to her forever home in November 2021.

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