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Creeper (01/2021), Female

Hello everyone, my name is Creeper. I was a member of a lovely family and I was born indoors. I was lucky enough to be raised and taken care of by my real mom and also a great human daddy, who adored me and my siblings. Unfortunately, due to some personal circumstances, our dad could not be there to love and look after us any more.  We were all left alone in our home, without the human affection we were used to getting. A lady come every second day, to feed us but we were all going a little crazy and felt very lonely.


Our Dad made the decision to bring us all to the Let’s Be S.M.A.R.T. shelter - so we get all the love we deserve and hopefully also find our forever home. So, I have always been a big lady and even today, while not fat, I am proud to say I appreciate my food. Which means you will have a lot of me on your lap, purring my heart out and asking for your attention (which I do a lot).


I am very close to my family and we spend a lot of time grooming each other. I am still a little shy with the other cats at the shelter. At night I love a bedtime cuddle, but then prefer to sleep in my own bed. I am not at all afraid of humans and enjoy meeting new ones – I am usually the one that initiates contact with them, starting the conversation and then, there is always so much to say...

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