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Ares (09/2022), Male

Hello my name is Ares and I am one of those cases that wouldn’t survive much longer on the streets without human intervention. I was living on the streets, struggling to survive and somehow I ended up in a feeding station where I spotted other cats and a lady that was feeding them. I felt very miserable at the time, I was snotty, my eyes were covered in dry puss, I couldn’t see or breath well and my skin was also very itchy for some reason. I approached the rest of the cats in order to get lunch but then all of the sudden I ended up in backpack. I didn’t understand what was going on and got scared. I slowly realized I was being carried and moved somewhere. I found out later that the lady that was feeding the other furry fellows took me to a vet who tried to examine me. I was very scared at the time and started hissing. They put an ampule and cleaned my eyes and I overheard them saying they will let me calm down and go back the next day. We got into the car again and went to a house where I all of the sudden had warm food and fresh water available, a nice fluffy soft bed where I snuggled in and I already felt better as I could see and breathe again.

I quickly understood I was safe and let my guards down. We went back to the vet the next day and I fully behaved. He diagnosed me with fungus and I started receiving treatment straight away. I have now finished all my meds, feel a lot stronger and happier and want to tell you a few things about me!

First of all, I am very grateful to be saved and will show you every chance I get. I am super friendly, gentle and seek for human attention. I like belly rubs and will always enjoy strokes. My fur was missing from multiple areas around my body when I was first found, but has started to grow back now! I will soon be a beautiful long haired young man! I like sleeping on soft cat beds and enjoy scratching posts as well. I am a very good and sweet cat in general and don’t get into crazy, highly excited mood. As most cats I like wet food and enjoy playtime.


I adore small raffle balls and ping pong balls! I don’t have a bad bone in my body and I will be a great addition to any family that gives me the change to blossom and grow with them!

Ares was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in September 2023.

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