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Jerry (01/2010)

Jerry is actually a girl and we took her and another girl named Tom in our sanctuary due to their owner dying of cancer. Jerry is quite beautiful and calm in nature. We think she had a rough life and it took some time for her to heal mentally first. After spending some time in our sanctuary Jerry found her forever home abroad in January 2018. 

Here is what her new mom, Marijn, wrote to us:

" ... It's going great with Jerry! She is adjusting just fine. She is still little scared sometimes and she runs away when we are loud or too fast. But other then that she starts to be more comfortable with us as you can see in the pictures. She lays with us on the bed or on the couch and not hiding under the bed anymore, so we're very happy with that! Jerry and my other cat aren't hissing to each other as they used to do, so that's good to! ...."

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