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Artemis (01/2023), Female

Hi I am Artemis! I am the daughter of a hunting dog, from a rural area of Greece.  They named me Artemis (after the Goddess of hunting), because of my heritage and lively personality.  Unfortunately, me and my brother were found abandoned by a group of rescuers.  The area was scary because we never knew where out next meal would come from.  Tragically, someone put poison there and many of my friends died. My brother and I were among the lucky ones that could be rescused and we found ourselves in a loving shelter where we are no longer afraid.

Although I am the only girl, I am the alpha! I am the first to greet newcomers and welcome them. I love to play and get belly rubs. I am so happy here at Lets Be Smart because there are volunteers that play fetch, are teaching me to sit and give me the human connection I so long for (and lots of cuddles) but I would love to find my forever family. They tell me I am a beauty but I am too busy being loveable to care about such things.

My moto is "Food is life" and I am always the first to run when I notice food is around. I was a bit overprotective of my food growing up, but I am getting used to sharing my space during feeding time now. I am sharing my living space with another doggie at the moment and we get along great, that is my way of telling you how friendly I am!! I am also a very bold lady with an abundance of attitude to spare. I love to run, play with all kinds of toys and absolutely adore a good game of tug and pull! Being goofy splashing in the water pool is very fun for me too. I like human affection and attention, always come running for hugs, kisses and belly rubs, but I also enjoy my autonomy and personal space throughout the day where I can just enjoy my time sunbathing and relaxing as a real lady.


I will do great with a family that love exploring and sometimes being lazy on the couch together. I can’t wait for that moment to come! Please don’t let me wait for long! I will be your perfect forever friend.

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