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Tigi (07/2019), Male

Hi, my name is Tigi 🐯 (also known as "Tigi Tougs", "Tigi Moogs"... Not sure but mummy used many spin off names for me). I've been pretty spoilt!

I was rescued from the local square in Voula in 2019 and have been an indoor cat ever since. I've been well taken care of, in a quiet, loving home. Unfortunately, my mummy had to leave Greece, but she assured me I will be located to another loving home in the near future, so for now I'm staying at the Let's be S.M.A.R.T. shelter and continuing my very lucky journey, of a warm bed, lots of food, play and cuddles.

A bit about me... Well firstly you can see I'm a very handsome boy, if I do say so myself. I'm a male, with distinct tiger markings on my back and leopard markings on my tummy. I know... I'm stunning! I'm neutered, vaccinated and had my flea and worming treatments. I have no health issues. I'm litter box trained and have never not used my litterbox, even when moving it to another area in the home or when I moved house.


I'm super smart, obedient, trained and have settled very much since being a playful kitten to a now elegant, loving, adult cat. I like to follow my family everywhere, I'm affectionate and I love to come and sit on your chest or by your side whilst watching TV. I love to sleep tummy up in between your legs during winter and by your side in the summer. Please accommodate any position I choose to plonk myself onto you 🙂


I like to take in my surroundings by scanning your scent and rubbing myself against you, so basically I mark you as my territory. 


I am not used to a busy household with children and other pets, so I'm not sure how I'd do, but we could try, because when mummy had visitors in the past, I'd always come and have a smell and decide if you get the tick of approval. I usually would roll onto my back exposing my tummy, so you'll know.


I love to play before my meal. I love to play in empty cardboard boxes and big bags I can jump into and play hide and seek. Mummy bought me the most luxurious toys, but I'd always just play with the basics like the plain old string on a stick. I love to also just chill, look out the balcony or the window at nature, especially birds for hours. 


I'm a hunter and was very good at catching any insects on the balcony. I also love my little grey mice mummy scatters all over the floor (I know they are fake, but still I'll play with them for hours). I get the zoomies late at night and then I'll come join you for a snooze, then I like to sleep all morning.


Overall, I'm loyal, loving, attentive, needy but independent. I have really been very spoilt. Mummy gave me all her attention, even when I didn't want it. I do miss it.


I would love to find a suitable home with a similar environment, so I can continue to thrive and live my best life!


Tigi was adopted abroad and he travelled to his forever home in November 2022.

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