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Waffle & Cupcake (02/2022), Female

Hello, we are Waffle and Cupcake. We lost our mum in the harbour when we were very little. We were four kittens, but unfortunately one of us did not survive. We were found by some good humans who took us to the Let's be S.MA.R.T. foster home, a place we call our home now.


Our days here are super interesting, we can play with our brother Muffin and other cats all days long. We love climbing, jumping, chasing and playing with toys. We also enjoy helping the humans with their daily tasks, everything they do is just fascinating! When we get a little bit tired of playing, we like to cuddle and sleep for hours.

Waffle - Microchip registration number:


Cupcake - Microchip registration number:


Waffle and Cupcake were adopted abroad and they travelled to their forever home in August 2022.

Photo gallery - Waffle

Photo gallery - Cupcake


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