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Kiki (06/2020)

Kiriaki, short Kiki, was found by our founder on Sunday (in Greek Kyriakí) in October 2020, sitting on the path in Kavouri. She was in a very poor condition, so she was immediately taken to the veterinary clinic in Voula. She was treated for her respiratory problems and severe dermatitis caused by external parasites that caused her losing her fur on the tail and partly on her back. When she has started to feel better, she was brought to our foster home on 13th of November. The fur on the back and tail has grown back. Her left eye has a little stain, but she can see fine.

Kiki is a very sweet cat. She was scared in the beginning when she came but this young lady has made such an improvement until now. She likes to be petted and loves cuddles. She is seeking for attention and asks for cuddles as she talks a lot. She talks when she wants food, when she wants cuddles and when you talk to her she always talks back. She is an amazing girl. She loves wet food and isn’t picky at all. She doesn’t play that much, she is more of a relaxed, laid back cat. She is gentle, affectionate and enjoys the company of other cats and humans. She is very easy going with medication. She gets curious during the day and walks around the house to explore. She likes to sleep on fluffy soft beds. Her confidence has improved a lot since she first came but she still doesn’t like when someone approaches her suddenly. Its best to walk slowly towards her.

Kiki was adopted abroad and in February 2021 she travelled to her forever home. 

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