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Orion (04/2020), Male

Hi there, I am Orion. I used to live as a stray near the feeding station in Varkiza, together with my siblings Cookie, Brownie and Four. One day, another cat bit me on my tail and it was very painful, and my tail completely lost it´s strength. It looked like I broke it, so humans who feed us took me to the vet clinic to check it out. I am a good boy, I was not difficult to trap, I just walked into the carrier to follow the good treats. What can I say, I am a food lover.

At the clinic, the veterinarians found out, that I have a bad abscess there. X-ray didn´t show any fracture, but the vets said it can be cracked a bit, that´s why I could not hold it normally. They treated it and I got a small splint there as well. I needed some medication for few weeks, so I was brought to LBS Foster Home to heal properly. As I am an amazing cat, loving and good, and I quite enjoyed being indoors and having food non-stop, I got a chance to stay there and not being released on the street again.

I can be a little bit shy at first, but with little time I am brave and cuddly again. I can easily get scared or feel timid when I feel uncomfortable for some reason, around loud noises or when people make sudden unexpected movements and then I will hide, most of the time, on the top of wardrobes. I never hiss or attack. Until I get to know the environment and humans in it, it is good to approach me in a calm way with a small chat, then I am fine. Once I feel safe, I turn into a lovely young man who just wants strokes and affection 24/7. I love sitting on your lap, I love cuddles and time spent with humans is very important for me as I love being close to them in general. I like to show them my belly and being petted there is just the best. I can’t resist to a good butt scratch either! Sleeping on the bed is just a bonus. 

I am very playful and I like to play with other cats but also on my own. Kicker toys and toys stuffed with valerian root are my favourite.  I am super clever as I was the only cat at the foster home who figured out how to open the door to the terrace. They had to install latches on the door because of me, I am so proud. I love spending time outdoors, mostly just observing surroundings and sunbathing, occasionally playing and chasing with the youngsters. I enjoy good scratching posts and like to sleep on higher places around the house. I am very friendly towards all the other cats and kittens!

I am a gentle giant with two lovely very round eyes and canine teeth sticking out of my mouth making me look like Dracula sometimes! I managed to win over everybody who meet me. I will be an amazing part of the family, and in a calm environment with people that will offer me a little bit of patience and an unconditional love, I will open up and let my personality glow!

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Orion is sponsored by Laureen R. (France)

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