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Baby (06/2021), Female

Hello, my name is Baby and I am one of the lucky cats that got saved by the Let’s be SMART team after a bad injury on my left hind leg.

I am a calm but strong hearted lady! I am super friendly towards people and although in the past I needed time to adjust to new humans the situation has changed a lot. I feel much more comfortable around people and I enjoy their company. I love pets, strokes and cuddles but I am not a big fan of hugs. 

I love playing but most of the times I need to be triggered by a toy such as a teaser to actually get up and start! If I am playing alone I will enjoy myself with small mice and furry balls. Other cats are cool as well and I like interacting with them is but my absolute favorite buddy is Orion. We both adore each other, it’s not only me! 

I usually like to hang out by myself on top a tall scratching post or snuggle on a soft cozy bed during the day.I am a very patient and sweet girl who proves my extraordinary personality to my caregivers every day. I recently had a big eye operation to help improve my vision where the ophthalmologist reduced the nictitating membrane and reduced some part of the symblefaron without keratectomy.  I am on medication and healing now but will hopefully be able to see better in the future! 


I am not a huge fan of wet food and treats but I am happy with my dry biscuits!


I look forward to get adopted and become part of someone’s family!

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Baby is sponsored by Amalia (Greece)

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