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Baby (06/2021), Female

Hello, my name is Baby and I am one of the lucky cats that got saved by the Let’s be SMART team after a bad injury on my left hind leg. I was very scared at the beginning, hissing and attacking humans, but after adjusting to the new environment and being indoors for some time, I have relaxed a lot. I am still timid from time to time with new people but thanks to my curiosity I leave my hiding spots often in order to explore the house and check everything out. I don’t mind when someone approaches me in a calm way to pet me and stroke me and when I feel like it, I come on my own and ask for cuddles myself.

I love to play, especially with small mice and furry balls. I am not a huge fan of wet food and treats but I am happy with my dry biscuits! I like to sleep in scratching posts and small round beds with fluffy soft blankets humans have placed on the walls around the house! I don’t sleep on the bed usually, or on humans’ laps, but I like to stay near them, observe the surroundings for a while and then fall asleep!

I have made huge steps since I first came to the foster home. Being in the right home with the right people will make me blossom and help me show my amazing, playful and sweet personality. I only need some more time to fully trust humans and let myself feel safe and loved as I deserve.

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