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Cleo (11/2021), Female

Hello my name is Cleo and I am really happy you are reading about me. First things first, I would like to tell you my background and how I ended up at the LBS cat sanctuary!

Well the story is not so different than most of the others. I was roaming around, living as a stray in a family’s garden along with other cats! We were taken cared for and had some tasty food on a daily basis! I was happy and calm! I also had some friends there Kai,Torvi and Tim who is my dearest of all! We are very attached! Anyway long story short, the family unfortunately had to move out of the house and couldn’t take us all to the new place so we were placed here to find a better, safer and permanent house! 


I am shy and feel timid towards other cats although I used to live among others. I only feel comfortable and happy around Tim so I have grown a strong bond with him! I feel more comfortable hiding from people and would love a calm and more laid back environment with less cats. I am scared of people but have allowed some very slight touching. I have been at the shelter for months but it takes a lot of time to adjust to new surroundings. 

I like spending time on the netted outdoor areas! There are lots of nice cat houses with soft beds where I can spend my day in peace and l still have the feeling of being out in the wild!! Since I am not relaxed and quiet calm I can’t enjoy playtime, toys or even come out for tasteful snacks during the day. I need a calmer environment where me and Tim can slowly come out of our shell but it needs to be on our terms.


We hope we can find our forever human that will spend the time we need to start trusting and enjoying the company of people! 

Timothy/Tim (11/2021), Male

Hello everyone my name is Tim and I used to live as a semi stray in a family’s garden along with a few other cats. Torvi, Kai and Cleo were all part of our gang. Unfortunately, the family had to move away and couldn’t take us so we all went LBS cat sanctuary. 

I am very bonded and attached to Cleo but I am scared and I feel timid around other fellows.  I need time to feel comfortable and will prefer to hide when someone approaches me. I need patience and a human that knows how to handle shy cats to help me come out of my shell. Even though I have been at the shelter for many months now I still haven’t adjusted to being around people and so many cats and I really need a calm household where I can feel safe, comfortable and will be able to flourish. 

I love spending time with Cleo and you will always find us two buddies together on one of the balconies! Being outside on the netted balcony give us the feeling of freedom so we will always prefer the outdoor areas rather than the house inside.


I don’t really get excited over food but that might change in a different environment. Same for playtime! 


The team really wants to give me the chance to find a good home and live safe but happily indoors. They are eager to find the right person who will spend the time I need to blossom. 

Cleo & Tim should be adopted together.

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