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Poppy (05/2021), Female

The time is finally here!! I am available for adoption and couldn’t be happier! My name is Poppy and as you can see I am gorgeous ginger ( I know, I know my coloring is rare for a lady)  beautiful young girl. I was living as a semi stray kitty in a family’s garden along with a few other friends. The family was kind enough to take care of us, provide us with plenty of tasty biscuits, fresh water and cuddles when we wanted. I was satisfied and happy until all of that changed. The family had to move away and couldn’t take us along so they contacted the organization called Let’s be smart to ask if they could take us in (yes the whole gang, not just me) and so.. here I am.

I am a shy sweet lady who doesn’t feel very comfortable around other cats. I like having a few good friends and stick with them. I will get timid if I am close to you and you move suddenly/unexpectedly and I don’t like loud noises either. 

I am a lovely girl once I feel safe and comfortable but please be patient with me because it will take time. I am cautious and need to double check everything before feeling confident to come out of my shell. I like to spend my days in a quiet surrounding and I feel much better if I have a hiding spot in close distance available to snuggle in. When the day is sunny I love to lay on the highest spot and sunbathe. Being able to enjoy the warmth of the sun rays against my golden fur while being safe and sound is a feeling I cannot describe! I love cuddles and enjoy being picked up but I need to really sniff you and trust you first. 

If you become my friend, I will bury my face into your arms to show you my satisfaction. I enjoy food, especially the wet type but I have seen other cats going crazy for it, I am not like that. Don’t get me wrong, if you decide to adopt me and give me a forever home I would love to plan for dinner dates with you. I like it here but I would prefer to live somewhere with less cats. I know I will truly bloom under the care of the right person. 

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