Wanda (04/2021)

Hey my name is Wanda! There was a huge wildfire in Greece not too long ago, and my siblings and I were found by the team of rescuers close to the fire. We were covered in ash and soot, our whiskers had been burnt off and our toe beans were burnt too. It really hurt. We are so lucky we were rescued and taken to safety. The first thing LBS did was give us a bath, and the water came off black! We were so dirty, I’m so happy to be clean and safe.


The humans say I’m super cute. In the fire nearly all my whiskers were burnt off, so I don’t look like I have any. They say it makes me really adorable. I hope they grow back long and luscious! I’m really sweet too, I have a very polite meow and when I’m hungry I will ever so kindly ask for food. Food is great too, I’m a growing girl so I need to eat a lot! I can be a bit greedy and try and eat everyone else’s food, but only if they’re a slow eater. Playtime is really fun, I like to chase things. Feather sticks are great, if there is a human to wave it around of course. I’ve only recently discovered how nice humans are, they’re really cool. I love cuddle times and tickles on my head.

I’m only a baby and have a lot of growing to do. My personality will come out even more as I grow up!

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