Kalahari (04/2021)

Hi there, my name is Kalahari and I am one of the Desert kittens. My mum´s name is Sahara and my rescuer thought it might be nice to call me and my siblings after the greatest deserts of the world.


I and my four sisters were taken away from my mum by a stranger who threw us out on the busy street in Varkiza. We got separated, and two of my sisters got lost for few hours. Luckily, there was a kind lady who spotted the three of us and immediately contacted Let´s Be S.M.A.R.T. Team. I was the bravest of all and showed them how protective I am of my sisters. Later that day, we were reunited with my other two sisters and even with my mum who was looking for us. Now, we are all staying in the foster home.


I am very nice, brave and curious little kitten now, but it seems I will grow into a beautiful big cat.  I love to play with everything, but especially with my little sisters. When I want to play, I am very energetic and run, jump and climb around like a crazy furry ball. However, when I am tired, I am calm, and I love to snooze on really soft pillows and cat beds. Sometimes I sleep so deep, that nearly nothing can wake me up.


I am very confident around humans, I do not have a problem to climb into your arms and be stroked. I absolutely adore belly rubs and all kinds of cuddles. I am a great eater, I really like the kitten mousse and dry food. Though I like to eat, I do not bother others when they eat, I just wait patiently until they are finished and then go and clean the bowls after them.


I am a very good and sweet little boy and all I want is to find a loving family and safe place to call my home.

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